Structural Mechanics and Dynamics of Wind Turbines [240172U122]

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This course will provide students with comprehensive knowledge in dynamic modeling, structural analysis and design of wind turbines, which will offer them strong competences for future employment in wind energy industry. This course is very suitable for students who have taken courses in structural dynamics (mechanical vibrations), and feel interested in extending the knowledge of dynamics into a more advanced level, i.e. wind energy.
The course will give the students the necessary understanding and skills of mathematical modeling, dynamic analysis and design of wind turbines. Focus will be on dynamic modeling of rotating blades, modeling of coupled wind turbine system, load calculation on wind turbines, transmission of forces between different components in wind turbines. The students will both derive the equations of motion of the wind turbine components/systems and make their own programs in Matlab (or equivalent).

Random Vibration [240172U117]

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Civil engineering structures are exposed to external dynamic loads from wind, waves, earthquakes, and traffic, which are random in nature. This means that the exact variation of the loads with time and spatial position on the structure cannot be specified in the usual deterministic manner. Instead, these loads are only known in terms of certain statistical measures such as mean values, variances, spectral density functions etc. As a consequence, the dynamic response of the structure becomes random as well.
This course will give the students the necessary understanding and skills of stochastic modeling of dynamic loads, stochastic dynamic analysis of structures, and reliability evaluation of structures subjected to stochastic dynamic loads.

Wave hydrodynamics [240172U124]

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